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Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It

Originally from the album The Missing Piece (Shulman, Shulman, Minnear) Arranged and performed by: Alan Wiseman
Time: 2:30
Recorded at: Hybernation Studio, Nashville TN
Produced by: Alan Wiseman for Sow's Ear Productions (c)
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The Inside Story

- by Alan Wiseman

Betcha Thought - I - Couldn't Do It !

This song hails from "The Missing Piece," one of the more schizophrenic collections of songs from Gentle Giant where they attempted to produce a more commercially viable album. If anything, the range of music it includes encompasses more than ever the versatility of the band. I chose this particular piece because it is similar to the style of my original songs. However I soon learned that singing with the range and intensity of Derek Shulman is no easy feat. Also I attempted to add a "Wakemanesque" solo part to give the song a slightly poppy flavor. Recorded at Hybernation Studios with the aid of John Hagewood and Cakewalk, I managed to keep the song short, sweet and to the point.

When I learned about the project, seemingly years ago, I was delighted at the opportunity to get back into the studio. Although I have and always will continue to play live with the groups The Pencils and Johnson Grass, I missed doing studio work. My last studio effort, the cassette release of "There's No Excuse" was in 1985. This album included all original songs such as "Trying to Keep Up With The Jones'", "Local TV Fishing Show", "I Want to Eat Fugu"...etc. Although my home studio is currently under renovation, I hope to release a new CD in 1997 with all new, all original songs. Stay tuned for more info.


Synths:  Moog Source and Korg M1R (synth bass) + Alesis Quadrasynth (solo)

Drums:   Drum KAT triggering Alesis DM-4 module

Recording gear: Shure SM58, Yamaha MT2X, Alesis MIDIVerb 3 (Chorus on
         Gtr) and MIDIVerb 4 (reverb), Mackie LM3204 mixer,
         Gibson The Paul guitar, DOD G7 Signal processor

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