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Two Weeks In Spain

Originally from the album The Missing Piece (Shulman, Shulman, Minnear) Performed by: Bug Choir Keith Lundberg - drums, recorder, keyboards, chair, vocals
Greg Nichols - guitars, ukelele, harmonica, lip squeak, vocals
Wildebeest - bass, banjo, vocals

Time: 3:35
Recorded at: Elmer Vortex
Arranged and produced by: Bug Choir
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The Inside Story

- by Wildebeest

[Bug Choir]

Drums and percussion - Keith drummed on a Drum-Kat, which is a MIDI drum thing. He then added some "live" percussion, including (acoustic) chair. [We are opposed to the electric chair]. On some of our other recordings, Greg plays second chair, but here we felt that one was enough.

Guitar, Ukelele - Greg plays both of the classic string instruments of rock music. He became interested in the ukelele after a trip to Hawaii, but has been taking it more in a Tiny Tim direction. Maybe there is only one direction to take a ukelele?

Bass - The (upright) bass is my primary instrument, but we were short on tracks and something had to go. We erased the bass line (sob). The bass through most of the song was put back using MIDI. In a very depressed mood, I pounded out a very uninspired approximation of the bass line on a keyboard. The only place where I can be heard playing a real bass is on the ending part after the banjo solo.

Keyboards - Keith had been a keyboard player before he became a great drummer. Adding exactly one measure of a nice fat vintage synth sound was a treat for him, and intended to invoke the era of GG.

Harmonica and Banjo - It is really amazing how many takes we used to record these simplistic little parts. By the time we finished, my banjo had slipped terribly out of tune. But, I was reassured that my banjo had never really been in tune anyway, so everything was fine.

Lip Squeak - Greg left his trumpet in the case, and played the trumpet without the trumpet. It sounds good this way, but not quite as loud.

Vocals - The critics can be harsh. But, well... I was trying to sing in tune with the banjo.

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