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Originally from the album Acquiring The Taste (Shulman, Shulman, Shulman, Minnear) Arranged and performed by: Pangaea Dave Forsyth - lead and backing vocals, lead guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Travis Jiorle - rhythm guitar, pizzicato guitar
Chad Bacho - drums, synthesizers, tambourines, glockenspiel
Guest musicians: Cabot Nunlist - acoustic guitar
Eve Orenstein - vocals
Time: 7:03
Recorded and mixed in: Phillipsburg, New Jersey and Ithaca, New York, August 1995-March 1996
Engineered by: Chad Bacho and Dave Forsyth
Mixed by: Chad Bacho
Produced by: Pangaea
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The Inside Story

- by Chad Bacho

The drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and ending pizzicato guitar line were originally recorded to a 4-track and then transferred to the digital domain via my sound card during August 1995. Dave's vocals and ending guitar solo were also recorded to 4-track and transferred to digital in December 1995. Everything else was recorded direct to digital, including the other lead guitar parts, synthesizers, glockenspiel, tambourines, acoustic guitars, and Eve's vocals. All effects were applied by playing the output of the sound card into the effects units (primarily the SE-50) and recording simultaneously a mix of the effects and dry sound (thus, none of the tracks were preserved in the digital domain throughout the entire mix [sigh]). This was a very tedious process, and explains why it took me three months to mix the song. With two ADATs, an automated mixing console, and a bunch of processors, I probably could have done the same in a few hours. But as much as I hate to admit it, it was still a lot of fun.

[Dave Forsyth] (Dave Forsyth at an inspired moment)


Guitars: Fender Squier Stratocaster, Hondo bass, Martin Sigma acoustic 
         (Dave), Paul Reed Smith (Travis), Washburn acoustic (Cabot)

Percussion: Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals, Rhythmtech tambourine, Remo tambourine

Synthesizers/samplers/MIDI: Turtle Beach Monterey (Rio), Chroma Polaris, Roland D-50

Effects: Boss SE-50, Digitech DDS-1500 Digital Delay, A.R.T. SGX ?, dbx 266 
         Compressor, Morley Wah Pedal

Recording: Turtle Beach Monterey (Tahiti) digital sound card w/TB QUAD, Wave, and
         Passport Master Tracks Pro software (running on a Dell Pentium 100MHz),
         Yamaha MT-120(S) analog 4-track recorder, Panasonic SV-3700 DAT recorder

Microphones: Shure 849, SM-57; Realistic PZM

Monitors: KEF speakers, Sony MDR-V5 headphones, Sony CFD-440 portable 
         stereo, Panasonic portable stereo

Miscellaneous: Soundcraft Spirit Folio Lite mixer, Atari 800 (mix automation 
         via MIDI)

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