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Gentle Giant
Under Construction


Under Construction is the long-awaited new album by Gentle Giant: a 2-CD archive of unreleased tracks from Gentle Giant's original master tapes. In a bold move, the band has released Under Construction independently and is selling it as a limited edition through this Internet site.

The music on Under Construction spans Gentle Giant's entire career, beginning before their debut album and ending with material written during the Civilian era. It includes:

  • Never-before-heard tracks such as "Freedom's Child," "Hometown Special," "Weekend Cowboy," "Bringing Me Down," and more! [Hear some audio samples]
  • Demo versions of familiar Gentle Giant songs, as originally presented to the band for rehearsal.
  • Unreleased live tracks.
  • Prerecorded music played by Gentle Giant before their concerts.
  • Live, in-the-studio recording sessions, so you can hear how the Boys In The Band worked together.
  • A diverse library of sound effects from Gentle Giant records, ready for use in your own recordings, royalty-free.
  • Plus a 28-page booklet full of photos, essays by band members, and original artwork! All this on two CDs packed with nearly 150 minutes of music. Under Construction is sure to please all loyal fans of Gentle Giant.

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