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About The Album

This concert performance was recorded in Germany on 21 January 1972. It was released in Italy on CD in 1991, from tape.

Track List

  1. Alucard (6:27) -- mistakenly called "Giant"
  2. WAYS Funny Ways (8:29)
  3. AT ALL Nothing At All (11:43)
  4. TRUTH Plain Truth (8:35)
  5. QUEEN The Queen (1:40)


(Instruments are as given in the liner notes. Most likely, the musicians played more of them.)

Gary Green - lead guitar

Kerry Minnear - keyboard, backing vocals

Derek Shulman - lead vocals

Phil Shulman - saxes, trumpet, backing vocals, lead vocals

Ray Shulman - bass guitar, violin, backing vocals

Malcolm Mortimore - drums, percussion


From back of the liner notes:

Gargantua over.jpg