Gentle Giant (Super Star)

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Gentle Giant (Super Star) (1982)

Gentle Giant (Super Star) (1982)


About the Album

This was an Italian vinyl compilation (SU-1026) of songs from the first four albums:

Gentle Giant
Acquiring The Taste
Three Friends

The album includes a 12-page booklet, written in Italian, with six incredible color photographs of the band at different points in their history. The album was released only on vinyl.

Full liner notes in English

Track List

  1. WAYS Funny Ways
  2. Alucard (misspelled as "Alcard")
  3. Giant
  4. NATIVITY Pantagruel's Nativity
  5. ADVENT OF PANURGE The Advent Of Panurge
  6. Knots
  7. THE PAINT Peel The Paint (not including the opening)
  8. [[CLASS AND QUALITY? Mister Class And Quality?]/[three.friends.html#THREE FRIENDS Three Friends]] (mislabeled as "Three Friends")

Thanks to Robert Hug Peterman and BobZuma for the above information.