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(Materials included)
(Materials included: more picx)
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File:inside_gentle_giant_letter.jpg | Cover letter
File:inside_gentle_giant_letter.jpg | Cover letter
File:inside_gentle_giant_promo_sticker.jpg | Sticker
File:inside_gentle_giant_promo_sticker.jpg | Sticker
File:inside_gentle_giant_sleeve.jpg | Sleeve with letter
File:inside_gentle_giant_side_1.jpg | Side 1
File:inside_gentle_giant_side_2.jpg | Side 2

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About the Album

This Canadian vinyl promo includes both interviews and tracks from previous albums. It came in a plain white sleeve. The disc number was Capitol SPRO-6.

Materials included

Thanks to Geir Hasnes, we have not only the photograph of the record, but also the letter taped to the cover and a promotional sticker.

Track List

(Interviews are not listed yet.)

  1. The Face (studio)
  2. Proclamation (live from Playing The Fool)
  3. So Sincere (live from Playing The Fool)
  4. Just The Same (studio)
  5. On Reflection (studio)
  6. Interview (studio)
  7. On Reflection (live from Playing The Fool)
  8. Breakdown In Brussells (live from Playing The Fool)
  9. The Runaway / Experience (live from Playing The Fool)
  10. Peel The Paint / I Lost My Head (live from Playing The Fool)