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These are older news announcements. See the latest news.


  • 2012-06-27: I Lost My Head (The Chrysalis Years 1975-1980) is a new 4-CD compilation.
  • 2012-05-09: Three Friends is playing in Quebec in October 3-7, New York on October 9, and Tel Aviv on November 2. See the Three Friends gigs page for details.
  • 2012-02-27: I deleted a bunch of fake (spam) accounts on this site. If yours got deleted by mistake, just create a new one. - Dan
  • 2012-01-24: See the advertisement for the Free Hand and In'terview remasters.
  • 2012-01-08: The UK editions of Free Hand and In'terview are being released on CD/DVD on February 27, 2012. These special editions feature a lost quadraphonic mix on the DVD. The special 4.1 Surround Sound mix (DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital 48kHz/24bit) has been adapted from the original quad mixes and appears on these special editions. The releases also include new sleeve notes written by the band.
  • 2012-01-08: Strictly limited vinyl editions of the new Free Hand and In'terview releases are available exclusively through Townsends.