Unburied Treasure

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Unburied Treasure is a planned CD boxed set of Gentle Giant music and memorabilia from Madfish Records, a label of Snapper Music. It is due in 2018–2019. It will be a limited edition of 250 copies and include all 12 original albums, many discs of live recordings, a coffee table-sized book of memorabilia, and more.

Seeking memorabilia

Snapper is seeking the following memorabilia (to copy) for the boxed set. If you have any, please email Dan.

  • Anything at all from these gigs (reviews, posters, tickets, etc.):
    • ESSEN 1972
    • NEW ORLEANS 1972
    • VICENZA 1973
    • TORINO 1973
    • MUNSTER 1974
    • CLEVELAND 1975
    • BASEL 1975
    • CHESTER 1977
  • High quality scans of any of these posters: