Memory:Gary Naumann

From The Gentle Giant Home Page
This fan memory was written by Gary Naumann.

I'd like to share a memory about seeing GG live in London back in 1976 @ the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane I believe. I was a young Aussie recently arrived in London & spent virtually every night for about 3 weeks going to see bands I loved. My main memories of that gig were arriving at the venue early & bumping into the band unloading their equipment & saying hi to John Weathers.

The actual gig itself was awesome of course!

Gary Green pivoting on one leg whilst playing guitar superbly & Derek Schulman prowling the stage menacingly. Oh & the only other recollection I have is a heavy smell of pot wafting about the bar during intermission.

GG were/are unique.....I have never heard another band like them!