Memory:Timothy J Hoyt

From The Gentle Giant Home Page
This fan memory was written by Timothy J Hoyt.

it was about 1974 and me and some friends went to see the giant in phoenix at the celebrity theater ..... i was in high school .... a huge fan ... i got front row seats ..... the giant didn't have t-shirts for sale so i bought these white iron on letters and ironed them onto a black t-shirt ..... it was a real ugly shirt by the time i finished yet i wore it anyway .....just said gentle giant ..... well we yelled so loud in support of the band during the show they let us back stage ..... we ran back there and stopped in our tracks ..... there was the giant ......they were eating pizza and had a keg of beer which gary and john were at ....we were so young and pumped up after that show ...... then derek looked at me and my ugly shirt and said " i saw YOU in the front row " ..... i couldnt believe at that age he even noticed me ......they let us have a beer with them .... then we went into the ajoining room where kerry was .... he was like this angel that we were drawn to ..... he was so nice and down to earth ...... he gave us each one of his imported cigars .....after awhile derek came in and asked kerry if he was gonna go to the party at the hotel ..... he said he would join them later and that he wanted to stay for a bit and talk to us ..... they were all great people .... after awhile security chased us out because we were drinking beer ...... i went and caught the rest of rennasiance which was a good band but boring after seeing g.g. perform before them ....the giant blew them off the stage ...... tim